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Bluefin instructors are experienced anglers who aim to teach new enthusiasts of both genders the right techniques of fishing.
Bluefin academy courses include both theoretical and practical experiences and we aim on expanding and promoting the Sport Fishing market in Egypt through such courses.
Bluefin will build loyalty to its graduates by making them automatic members having special prices on trips, camps and other events as well as in our sponsor tackle shops.


1. Introductory course
2. Advanced course
3. Specified courses

About Bluefin
Sport fishing
Difference between Sport fishing & Commercial fishing
Knot tying
Bait catching(net&line): finding, keeping in shape (de-hookers), which bait for which game fish
Takle basics & handling (care & maintenance): rod, reel, line, leader, swivel, hook
Introduction to trolling techniques, tackle & lures
Introduction to casting techniques, tackle & hooks
Introduction to bottom fishing techniques, tackle & hooks (circle hooks)

Marine life & conservation acts
Corals, islands and seabed geology
More into trolling: speeds, line spreading, hotspots, handling game fish, lures & live bait
More into casting: types, hotspots, handling fish, lures & live bait
More into bottom fishing: tackle, hotspots, handling fish, bait
Differences between fish species attacks
Popping: techniques, tackle, lures
Jigging: techniques, tackle, lures
Gaffing: types, tools, techniques
Game fish & endangered species
Fishing seasons for different species in the Red Sea
Relation of fishing to moon ebb & tide, wind direction, water temperature and current
Marine electronics: where, how deep and how fast to fish; type of bottom
Boat outfit check: safety equipment, first aid kit, radios, etc.

Trolling over & below surface, down riggers, out riggers
Popping hotspots & handling fish
Jigging hotspots & handling fish
Fly fishing: tackle, techniques, lures, hotspots, handling fish
Lure types & their buoyancy
Catch & release methods
Tagging & species’ studies
World conservation acts for marine life
World records

Each course will include fishing trips and/or camps for applying theoretical studies

a fishing simulator will be used to verify fishing techniques & enhancing skills

a certificate will be granted to those who are qualified to attend championships