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Bluefin organizes 4-7 days-long camp adventures. We welcome all ages of both genders from amateurs to professional anglers. Campers are well prepared by Bluefin experts before starting the event. Within the camp, Bluefin organizes visits to all shores within the camp range. Our team will take the campers on a variety of sea adventures: Onshore fishing, offshore fishing, educating classes on marine life, knot tying, tackling and much more. We give campers the opportunity to have fun while being educated about fishing and marine.
Bluefin Camp offers other activities besides fishing like: snorkeling, swimming, desert safari and visiting other spots near the camp.

Bluefin facilitates all of the following services for campers:

  Official permits.
  Full equipment & tackle.
  Live bait & Ice.
  Professional photography.
  Giveaways to all campers.